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17- 20.08.20 festive passage to Valaam for the holy Transfiguration of our Lord Jesus Christ

17 - 20.8.2020 passage to Valaam by the cruise ship “ Yuri Andropov” for the feast of Transfiguration of Our Lord

From 17  to 20 August annually there is a festive passage to celebrate the Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ. It comes over at a comfortable cruise ship and it includes 2-day stay on Valaam island. The passage is accompanied by a priest. Before departure the prayer for  travelers takes place on the board of the ship. The ship arrives in Big Nikonovsky bay. After arrival the pilgrims  who want to participate in festive church services are brought to the central homestead of the monastery by shuttle boat.

Accommodation and meals for pilgrims are organized on board of the ship. There are 3-time meals in the ship restaurants (the menu of the meals corresponds to the rules of Orthodoxy). Sightseeing program includes visits to all main active monastic hermitages: Voskresensky (Resurrection), Konevsky and Nikolsky.

1-st day 

Departure from St. Petersburg at 19.00

2-nd day

Arrival in isl. Valaam at 08.00. Sightseeing walking tour: hermitages of Vaalam island, Mount of Olives, inland lakes. Also sightseeing tour on central monastic homestead with boat trip along the picturesque  shore line of Vallaam Archipelago , from the boat the tourists can see as well some island hermitages. Trip to vespers and matins service (as an option)

 3-nd day

Holy Liturgy in Transfiguration Cathedral. Festal dinner on shipboard. Optional sightseeing tour on remote island hermitages. Departure from Valaam at 22.00

4-th day

Arrival in St. Petersburg at 08.00

The tourists will have an opportunity to participate in celebration, to worship St. Sergius and St. Herman of Valaam  hallows and St Antipa of Valaam hallows

Full board: 1-st day supper is served; 2-nd day breakfast is not served; 4-th day breakfast is served.

The cost for a place (rub/per); m / v "Yuri Andropov" according to category of cabin.  17-20.08.2020 (4days / 3nights)






De Luxe 51 800 - - -
Single 30 000 - - -
Double  1- level (single accommod.) 37 100
35 700
33 900
Double  1- level 24 800
23 800
22 600
Quadruple cabin 2-level

23 800
Quadruple cabin 1-level ( for 3 passangers) - - - 20 700
Quadruple cabin 1-level - - - 19 500

  • a discount for children up to 14 years inclusive – 15%

  • for groups  from 25 tourists there  is group discount.

  • early booking discounts.

Included  prices:

  • Accommodation in a cabin of chosen category

  • Full board in the restaurant of the cruise ship

  • Guide’s information during the trips

  • Sightseeing tours according to the program

Contacts: tur@vp.valaam.ru

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