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Rhapsody of Valaam 4 days / 3 nights


MAY: 19, 26

FRIDAY from 01.06.18 till 23.08.18

SEPTEMBER: 1, 8, 15

ACCOMMODATION at  monastery hotel

1-st day 

08.00 Departure from “Ozerki” metro station, St-Petersburg (scheme), transfer to Priozersk (The time of departure can be changed depending on the time of boat departure in Priozersk ) Guide’s service, comments on the sights during the trip

10.30 Arrival in Priozersk

11.00 Departure from Priozersk. Transfer by hydrofoil boat “Meteor” to isl. Valaam.

12.15 Arrival in isl. Valaam. Meeting tourists by a guide at Monastic Bay quay. Tourists can leave their luggage at the left-luggage of the hotel. Sightseeing walking tour on the monastery: “Central Homestead”, visit to Hegumen’s Cemetery is included. Checking  into the hotel.

19.00 Supper.

2-nd day 

09.30 Breakfast

10.30 Transfer from Monastic Bay to Nikonovsky Bay (Voskresensky hermitage). Sightseeing walking tour: "New Jerusalem" and "Konevsky lakes". Transfer to Monastic Bay (central homestead), sightseeing walking tour: “Nikolsky hermitage”

19.00 Supper.

3-d day 

09.30 Breakfast.

10.00 Transfer: central homestead - Voskresensky hermitage. Sightseeing walking tour:  “Rocky Coast” . Transfer to Monastic Bay (central homestead), Spare time.

19.00 Supper.

4-th day 

09.30 Breakfast.

10.00 Booking out. The luggage can be left at the left-luggage of the hotel. Transfer: central homestead - Vladimirsky hermitage. Sightseeing walking tour : “Vladimirsky hermitage” . Transfer to Monastic Bay (central homestead), Spare time.

18.00 Departure from il. Valaam. Transfer by hydrofoil boat “Meteor” to Priozersk.

19.15 Arrival in Priozersk. Bus boarding, transfer to St. Petersburg

22.30 Arrival in St. Petersburg ( metro station “Ozerki”).

NOTE: It may be up to 2 hours delay on way back depending on traffic situation.

Tour organizer has a right to change the order of excursions without reduction of tours duration.

PRICES  (rub/per): from 21 000

  • on trips in May and September discount on tour 20%
Child discounts:

  • free of charge for the children up to 6 years old  inclusive who stay  with their parents without providing a separate place (on the basis of a copy of the birth certificate).
  • 50% for the children up to 12 years old inclusive who stay with their parents with granting a separate place. Receive a discount (based on a copy of the birth certificate)
Included  prices:
  • transfers
  • hotel accommodation
  • meals ( breakfast, supper)
  • sightseeing tours according to the program

Not included:

  • dinner
  • additional sightseeing tours

 Personal details necessary for registering the tour:

When planning a trip it is necessary to have sufficient float time – 3 hours after the end of the program   in case any unforeseen delays caused by bad weather conditions on Ladoga Lake such as storms and its consequences, fog , traffic jams etc.

Dress code. During  visits of active churches of the monastery situated within inside square line of monastic buildings  men must remove headwear and  women must wear skirts and headwear or kerchiefs. Sport suits, shorts, tube tops and low-cut dresses are not allowed. Footwear convenient for long walks is strictly recommended. Some slight changes could be made to program  if considered necessary.

The day before the trip the tourists receive an sms message with guide's mobile phone number and the number of the bus. The guide is available not earlier then 07.30 up to 08.00 latest. Call to the guide is allowed only in case of urgency such as delay or cancelation of the trip.

Departure is strict according to schedule, at 08.00. If tourists are late and miss the departure they may catch up to the group independently by taxi having learned the number of the bus, the make of the bus, the route and the place of boarding from the guide. Or cancel the trip. Issues concerning a refund for compelling reasons are resolved at a tour sale point.

In case of a storm the trip is cancelled in the morning before departure. Issues concerning date changing or a refund are resolved by telephone call during the office working hours.
Contacts: elegia@valaam.com

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